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An unknown correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on January 16, 1926:

We are having some nice weather now. As the election is over some of the folks are well pleased because J.H. Vickers was elected as commissioner of the county court.

Clinton Ferrell and family from Stollings were visiting homefolks Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Kennie Perry and Walter Crislip motored to Huntington Sunday.

We are sorry to say Andy Lunsford is very ill with typhoid fever.

Miss Ella Jane Toney seemed to be enjoying herself Sunday. Wonder where Marea was?

Lyle Swan escorted Miss Connie Bentley home Saturday night.

There was a large bunch of girls and boys seen out kodaking Sunday. Did they break your kodak, Bill?

Emmett Raines escorted Miss Willa Lowe home from church Saturday night.

Preston Cooper is seen on our streets almost every day.

Walter Ferrell was calling on Miss Carrie Raines Sunday.

Miss Marea Lowe and Mrs. Lizzie Crislip made a flying trip to Huntington Monday.

Misses Vivian Ferrell, Callie Ferrell, and Wetzel Raines were seen out walking Sunday evening.

Walter Workman seems very sad these days. Cheer up, Walter. Hazel still loves you.

John Whitman was calling on Miss Hazel Conley Sunday.

Osie workman was calling on Miss Agnes Whitman Sunday.

Mrs. J.D. Turner is visiting friends in Raleigh county the week end.

Misses Gladys Lowe, Bernice Ward, Margaret Ballard, Ella Jane Toney, and Carlos and Walter Ferrell were seen out walking Sunday.

Dr. Ferrell delivered a very nice speech to the junior high school Friday which we appreciated very much.

Misses Minnie and Sara Ferrell were seen out walking Sunday evening.

Wishing all the good luck to The Banner. We are hoping to see the news from our little town again.

Daily happenings: Grace and Jim going to milk; Carrie going to the post office; Gladys and Minnie going to school; Carlos going up the road; Kyle going to see Inas; Ruth and Julius going to church; Miss Click teaching school.