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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on January 18, 1927:

Daniel McCloud was visiting friends on Buck Fork Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Lucy McCloud and little brother Ray were visiting their aunt, Mrs. Lora Martin, Saturday.

Howard Adams looks so funny in his high tops.

Wilburn Mullins was calling on his best girl Sunday.

Misses Pearl and Ruth McCloud were visiting friends at Peter Mullins’ Sunday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCloud, a baby girl named Irene.

Wonder if Lucy McCloud saw the boy she was looking for Sunday?

Cheer up, May and Alice, and don’t get scared. Wilburn is not coming back this Sunday.

Fred Adams was the evening guest of Miss May Robinson Friday.

Wonder who the three good looking boys were that come down Hoover Sunday?

Carey Mullins was looking handsome Sunday. All the girls are wishing for him to come back to Hoover again.

Daily Happenings: Carl and his bloomers; Wilburn and his pup; Lucy and her blues; Pearl and her red hat; Garnet and Pearl looking at Jeff; Charley looking sweet; Daniel going to singing school; Howard going to school.