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An unknown correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on July 2, 1926:

The grading of our road is not quite done, but the road is open to traffic to Huntington.

W.H. Phipps of Peach Creek was here Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Cam Pridemore is the best deputy sheriff we have had for years.

Squire Barker is kept busy hiving bees these hot days.

Ask John Webb what it costs to get a taxi here.

Martin Johnson has purchased the wholesale feed store of G.S. Ferrell. We like to see new capital come to town.

Hubert Toney and wife left his morning for Sutton to visit Mrs. Toney’s parents at that place.

The Democrats can’t see how there comes to be so many Republicans here this time.

H.T. Butcher is making the bootlegger’s life a hard one these days.