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Rev. Patrick Napier was a preacher in Wayne County, WV.  This description of Rev. Napier appeared in the Wayne County News on February 12, 1931.

Rev. Patrick Napier was essentially a man of the hills who possessed a strong and striking personality. He was accounted one of the ablest preachers in his church as he was one of the most sincere and influential. In the associations, his opinions were given strong weight on all questions of church government and denominational doctrine. He was in all respects one of the strongest men in his community and he possessed many of the elements of leadership. Personally, he was of kindly nature, frank and openhearted and of most genial disposition. His uniformity affable manner taken in connection with his striking appearance and pleasing countenance made him a conspicuous figure in any assembly. His easy manner and gracious disposition attracted friend and stranger alike. For many years before his death he was the most potent force and influence in his association. He led his friends unconsciously and they followed his leadership because his was the stronger mind.

Source: Wayne County News (Wayne, WV), 12 February 1931.