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Ragland Home LB 04.24.1914 2

THE OLD HISTORIC AND SAINTED RAGLAND HOME IN LOGAN: Now parsonage of the Aracoma Baptist Church, where the remains of the late “Grandma” Ragland lay in state, in the exact position of her late husband, the last night in this city, before they were finally laid to rest in Aracoma cemetery, beside those of the beloved “Major” Henry Clay Ragland. The Major is shown at the left, grasping the “Logan Wild Cats” Battle Flag, said to be the only flag of the Confederacy that was never captured. Photo taken Oct. 22, 1906, at the annual Reunion of Camp Straton Confederate Veterans, composed of surviving members of the “Logan Wild Cats” and others of this section. Mr. Ragland was Commandant. Privates numbered 106. Logan Banner, 24 April 1914.