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In late March of 1927, Charlie Conley, a prisoner in the Logan County Jail in Logan, WV, sent this poem or song to the Logan Banner, which it printed:

Come all of my companions

And listen to what I say

About the jail of Logan

In which I have to stay.

Hatfield is our sheriff,

But he hasn’t much to say.

But when George Hooker turns the key on you,

He means for you to stay.

There are men in here,

The jailer they would defeat.

But he keeps the key turned on ’em

And gives them heaps to eat.

There is the “bull-pen,”

Which no man likes at all,

Because it’s over-crowded

With no overflow in the hall.

They whoop and they holler

And you would think they are playing ball.

But when they go before Squire Conley

They pay for it all.