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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on December 18, 1914:

We are glad to note that our people are busy, happy and peaceful in these parts.

Will Farley has added a new industry to our town, a gasoline grist mill.

Our drummer, Sol Riddle, has just returned from a trip through his territory.

Revs. Adams and Fry preached at Head of Heart last Sunday.

Mrs. Vinson Collins is very ill at this writing.

Joe Blaine has moved from this place to Holden.

Forest fires are very frequent here of late.

Rev. Charley Curry was elected pastor of the church at McCloud school house recently.

Revs. Border and Vance will preach at McCloud school house the second Sunday.

Luke Curry has returned home from Rum, where he has been working for some time.

Cholera has been raging among the hogs in this vicinity. Several people have lost hogs.

John Workman will move back to his farm in the spring, he says.

Good luck to The Banner and a happy Xmas to its readers.