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An unknown correspondent from Whirlwind in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on November 2, 1926:

We are having plenty of rain at present.

Albert Gore was the evening guest of Mattie Robinson Friday.

Mrs. Eddie Adams is ill at this writing, we are sorry to say.

Lucy McCloud was calling at the post office Saturday. Did he forget to write this time, Lucy?

Fred Adams don’t visit the Left Fork of Hoover any more. Cheer up, Fred. Sallie is at home yet.

Norman Adams was the guest of his mother Friday night.

Wilburn Mullins visits Daniel McCloud’s often these days. Wonder why? Ask Frank. He knows.

Clinton Adams never visits the Left Fork of Hoover no more. Come on back, Clinton. The sun is shining now.

Ireland Mullins was visiting on Hoover Thursday. He must have been wanting some fried chicken.

Alice McCloud is back on Hoover after a few weeks of absence.

Edgar McCloud, Fred Adams, and Bernie Adams attended church on Hoover Saturday night.

Ireland Mullins wore a ten cent smile Thursday night. Wonder what seemed to be the cause? Ask Lucy. She knows.

Wonder why Frank Adams doesn’t enjoy walking up the road any more?

Bernie Adams looks so sad since Tilda Carter left Hoover to spend a few weeks in Micco with her sister.

Howard Adams seems to enjoy teaching school in Hoover.

Daily Happenings: Wilburn going to Daniel’s; May going up the road; Lucy and her slippers; Mildred and her bobbed hair; Carl and his chestnuts.