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An unknown correspondent from Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on December 3, 1926:

Oh, gee! Look what is at Harts. Nothing but mud and raining.

Mrs. Dallas McComas of Harts was the guest of her mother of West Hamlin on Thanksgiving.

Edward Brumfield was looking downhearted Sunday. Cheer up, Edward. Your girl will soon return.

There was great excitement in Harts Friday. Fred Adkins’ dog died.

Miss Sylvia Cyfers of Gill was the guest of Miss Jessie Brumfield at Harts Saturday.

Chas. Brumfield was transacting business matters in Logan last week.

Mrs. Nora Brumfield is progressing nicely with her school at Harts.

All the people in Harts are anxious to read The Banner.

Daily happenings: Robert and his letters; Ed and his sporty lumberjacket; Herbert and his greenback bills; Jessie and her satin slippers; May and her curls; Tom and his frock tail coat; Bessie and her red sweater; Cora and her white cap; Corbett and his oil can; Howard and his bob tail sweater; Clyde and his little tight shirt; Nora and her magazines; James and his dog; Enos and his red hair; Cora and her powder puff; Ella and her marcel wavers; Aunt Hollena and her cane.