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An unknown local correspondent from Banco in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on May 7, 1926:

Some of the girls and boys of our town have taken a notion to jump into double harness and trot along through life as calm and placid as a mud puddle.

Miss Ida Thomas of Estep and Mr. Ted Hager of this place were united in the Holy bonds of matrimony last Saturday, May 1st, at the home of Mr. Hager’s sister, Mrs. Den Gillenwater, near the mouth of Squirrel Branch. The wedding was a beautiful affair. Rev. White of Henlawson gave a nice talk after which he solemnized the wedding vows. The guests consisted mostly of the bride and groom. The table was set with a very nice diaper. White flowers being the centerpiece.

Miss Gay Pettit of Big Creek was the guest of Miss Clara Harmon at this place last Saturday night and Sunday.

Mrs. Rosa Ellis of Needmore left for Logan last Sunday where she will visit with her sons Charles and Willie Ellis for a few days.

Wonder why Jesse Justice looked so bashful last Sunday? Don’t be bashful, Jess. She was only teasing you.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Stone were the guests of their daughter, Mrs. J.A. Thomas, at Estep last Sunday.

Wonder how the ‘Doll’ of Needmore is getting along hauling telephone poles? Stay with it, Roy, and you’ll get done some day.

There must be some attraction around Banco and Spring Dale, as Gardner Baisden has been making regular calls. His excuse is ‘to read the Logan Banner.’ Call again, Peanut, you’re always welcome.

Among those who were calling on Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lucas last Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Adkins, Misses Gay Pettit, Clara Harmon, Lucille Vickers, and Mr. Jesse Justice.

Wonder if Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Justice are having much success raising chickens?

Mrs. Amanda Justice was the Monday night guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duty.

Misses Hazel Thomas and Nella Varney were callers in Banco last Saturday evening.

Basil Duty of Spring Dale made a flying trip to Curry last week. Wonder what the attraction is up there?

Mrs. B.B. Lucas and daughters Maria and ____ were calling on Mrs. Maggie Gillam last Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. J.M. Hager and Mrs. D.H. Harmon of this place were the all day guests of Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Lucas of Elm street one day last week. They had a very enjoyable day as they were entertained with good soul-stirring hymns on the piano and Victrola, after which they were served with a real good dinner.

Among those who were out kodaking last Sunday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lucas, Misses Gay Pettit, Clara Harmon, Lucille Vickers, and Maria Lucas.

A.S. Harmon of Barboursville and Mr. W.W. Lucas of Big Creek were the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Harmon of this place last Sunday.

Mr. H.F. Lucas of this place attended church at Manila last Sunday and listened to a wonderful sermon delivered by Rev. Reedy of Logan, after which he made a grand confession and was baptized last Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hager and Miss Pearl Hager were pleasant callers in Banco last Tuesday night.

Good luck to the dear old Banner.