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An unknown local correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 16, 1926:

Carless Chafin of Huntington was visiting homefolks of this place Sunday.

Miss Inez Barker and Miss Susie Carper were seen out walking Sunday afternoon.

Oza Workman was calling on Miss Beulah Ballard Sunday night.

Mrs. Lizzie Thomas and her daughter Marie, Vivian Johnson, and Hattie Shepherd were seen at church Saturday night.

Miss Beulah Ballard, Broda Johnson, and Gladys Lowe were visitors of Mrs. Brookie Rowsy Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Lunsford and Miss Gracie Ferrell were out strolling Sunday afternoon.

Nelson Bentley was calling on Mrs. Brookie Rowsy Sunday afternoon.

Miss Laura Workman of Logan was visiting her parents over the week end.

Mrs. Brookie Rowsey made a flying trip to Logan Friday.

We are glad to say that Miss Marie Lucas is progressing nicely.

Mrs. Ernest Jeffrey and children of Peach Creek were the dinner guests of Mrs. Martha Whitman Sunday.

Frankie Kessler was calling on Miss Mildred Coberly Sunday afternoon.

Misses Opal Johnson, Agnes Whitman, and Lillian Johnson were visiting Mrs. Brookie Rowsy Sunday.

Miss Thelma Scaggs was busy answering Johnnie Pauley’s letters last week.

Miss Goldie Rowsey was visiting Mrs. Ed Johnson Sunday afternoon.

Miss Thelma Scaggs was seen going to meet 51 with a hello and a hi.

Mr. Roy Jeffrey delivered a fine sermon at the Holiness church Sunday night.

J.D. Price of Phico is very ill at this writing with side pleurisy. But we hope he will soon recover.

Wonder what is the matter with Chapmanville boys as they haven’t been seen riding the freight trains nowadays.

Daily scenes: Susie and her hat; Inez and her new suit; Carless and his smiles; Willa and her sweetie; Beulah and her new hose; Gladys and her new dress; Broda and her new hose; Nelson going to see Brookie; Lizzie and Russell; Hattie and her new hat; Vivian and her smiles; Andy and Grace; Brookie going to Logan; Opal and her pearls; Lillian and her watch; Agnes and her new dress; Hazel and her stories; Minnie and her diploma test; Grace looking downhearted; Dan and his girl; Hazel and her dress.