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An unknown local correspondent from Yantus in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on April 20, 1926:

Here we come with more news from Yantus.

We are glad that people are beginning to plant their gardens and flower beds at last.

We had an interesting ball game at the ball park, Sunday. Those present were Messrs. Ritchie Lilly, Floyd Stollings, Ernest Sanders, Charley Adams, Saleb Adams, Stratton Gore, Hurst Butcher, Jim Adams, Dillard Farris, Chester Farley, Staten Farley, Virgil Farley, Opal White, Hazel Stollings, Vinal Stollings, Linna White, Grace Stollings, Lola Adams, Rhoda Adams. All reported a nice time.

Mr. and Mrs. Muman Campbell were here visiting his father last week, but have returned to their home at Omar.

Misses Linna White and Grace Stollings were visiting their parents Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Russel Butcher of Chapmanville was visiting her parents, Sunday.

Charley Adams, Jim Adams, Chester Farley, Ernest Sanders, Ida Sanders, Grace Stollings and Hazel Stollings were out horse back riding Sunday.

Banny Shelton and wife were seen out walking Sunday.

Miss Linna White was the all day guest of Miss Opal White Sunday.

Ernest was looking blue Sunday. Wonder why?

Chester Chambers was visiting Bee Bud Campbell Saturday.

Clell Adams and Opal White were out walking Sunday. Wonder how they enjoyed the snow storm?

Raymond Lilly was visiting his parents, but has returned to Big Kanawha.

Dell Adams looked lonesome Sunday.

Bur Chambers was calling on Bessie Stollings Sunday. Look out Johnnie.

Mrs. Fanny Chapman was visiting her parents Sunday evening.

Charley was all smiles Sunday.

Miss Vinal Stollings made a flying trip to Chapmanville Saturday.

Mrs. Elva Scaggs is visiting her sister at Rocky.

I think the men will be wearing long hair before long as Peter Dingess has started the style.

Stratton Gore was calling on Linna White Sunday.

Mrs. Kate Chambers has started a beef shop. Come and buy your beef.

Mark Stollings called on Allen Adkins Sunday.

Mrs. Hattie Chambers was calling on her mother, Sunday.

Andrew Chambers is afraid to turn his horse out to range, he says the wind will blow him away.

Miss Tina Conley and John Cabell were seen plowing Saturday.

Combinations–Ritchie and his note book; Stratton and his big hat; Earnest and his blues; Andrew and his chickens; French and his axe handles; Hazel and her red dress; Linna and her coat; Grace and her slippers; Opal getting dinner; Ida and her boquet; Floyd and his sweetie; Charley meeting the train; Clell talking to Opal; Tina looking for John; Hurst and his glove; Dillard and his cap; Bee Bud and his plow stalks; Peter and his curly locks; Burl looking for Bessie; Woodrow and his pony; Charley and his tie; Raymond looking for a sweetheart; Mary and her geese; Emma and her yellow coat; Andrew and his fat horse; Sadie and her dirt; Bee Bud and his tobacco.