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An unknown local correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on March 12, 1926:

Roses on our shoulders, Slippers on our feet,

We are Phico girls, don’t you think we’re sweet?

We are having some cold weather at this writing.

Shirl Bias was calling on Miss Ruth Jordan Sunday.

Vanzel Bentley was calling on Miss Elva Cox Sunday.

Dan Cox looks very down hearted nowadays. Wonder why?

Walter McNeely of Logan was calling on Miss Connie Bentley Sunday.

M. McNeely of Henlawson was calling on Miss Elva Godby Sunday.

Nelson Bentley had quite a lot of visitors Sunday.

J.D. Price is very ill at this writing.

Ebb Thompson was calling on Miss Vivian Johnson Sunday.

Mr. Jim Pauley was calling on Miss Katie Chapman Sunday.

Wonder why Miss Elva Cox was disappointed Saturday night.

Mrs. Annie Bias was visiting Mrs. Martha Jordan Sunday.

Wonder what has become of Miss Leta Thomas? She has not been seen for some time.

A. Wright was visiting home folks Sunday.

Bobby Hale was calling on Miss Bertha Jordan Sunday.

Wonder what has become of Miss Mary Craddock? She is never seen in our town anymore.

Alvis Godby was calling on Miss Lizzie Sansons Sunday evening.

John Addis was calling on Miss Eunice Scaggs Sunday.

We were sorry to hear of R.C. Phillips losing his white mule. Cheer up, Rube. There are plenty more.

Hartford Mounts seems to enjoy wearing his hip boots.

Daily Happenings:

Ruth had her red hat. Shirl and his new shirt. Vanzel and his overcoat. Elva and her jump jacket. Dan and his new rain coat. Walter and his smiles. Connie going to Cox’s. Markyle anad his blues. Elva and her blue dress. Nelson and his new suit. J.D. and his store. Russell looking down hearted. Sallie keeping house. Wayne and his new cook. Andy and his pictures. Grace and her sweetie. Edgar and his blues. Ebb and his sweetie. Vivian and her beau. Jim and his music. Katie and her wrist watch. Elva Cocks and her curly locks. Annie and her store. Martha and her checked dress. Brook and her chickens. Leta and her hair cut. Almond and his traveling case. Bobby and his smiles. Bertha going to the office. Mary going to school. Alvis and his watch. Lizzie and her hair clasp. John Addis and his girl. Eunice and her sweetie. R.C. Phillips and his white mule.