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An unknown local correspondent from Chapmanville in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on February 19, 1926:

Prof. McClure, the postmaster at Omar, officiated as auctioneer at the pie social here last Saturday evening. The professor can sell pies.

J.H. Vickers is, we are glad to say, able to be out again.

Some local capitalists are organizing to take over the Tompkins By-Product Coal Company.

Revival services are being held at both churches this week.

Cecil Ward of Huntington was calling on his sweetie here, Sunday.

Mase Butcher says he hears he is going to be the first man fired when Tennis Hatfield becomes sheriff of this county.

We have a bachelor here who has abandoned all hope of ever getting married. He is now growing himself a fine mustache.

W.T. Quay of Huntington was in town Wednesday.

The road crew are moving the Godby Branch school house this week, so the children are getting a vacation.

Crocket Hatfield, deputy U.S. Marshal, was in town Wednesday. Some of the boys took with a sudden leaving immediately after his arrival.

The church house at Stone Branch that was being used for a school for the primary grades burned down on Monday morning.

Squire Lowe has some very important cases on his docket which will come up for trial in the near future.