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An unnamed local correspondent at Harts in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on 3 July 1925:

Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Dingess, of Blair, spent the week end visiting friends and relatives at Harts.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dingess, of Logan, and sister, Miss Ina Dingess were visiting relatives at Harts, Sunday.

Miss Jessie Brumfield, of Harts was shopping in Logan, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher B. Adkins, of Harts, spent Sunday at Camden Park in Huntington.

Mr. and Mrs. John McEldowney returned to their home at Charleston, Sunday after a few weeks visit with friends and relatives at Harts.

Mrs. John Beamins, of Holden, was the guest of Mrs. Robert Brumfield, at Harts, Sunday.

Miss Sylvia Shelton, of Sand Creek passed through our town Sunday.

Mr. Amon Ferguson, of Huntington, was calling on Miss Ora Dingess at Harts Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Chas. Brumfield and little son, Howard were visiting relatives in Huntington and Ashland, Ky. this week.

Mr. James Auxier Newman, of Huntington, was calling on friends at this place, Monday, while enroute to Big Creek.

People at this place were glad to see Hendrix Brumfield on our streets again.

Rev. Gartin is teaching a successful singing school at Harts. Everybody is invited to come.

Miss May Caines, of Wayne, was calling on Miss Jessie Brumfield, at Harts, Sunday.

Herbert Adkins was transacting business in Logan, Saturday.

It was a great shock to the people of this place to hear of the death of Bill Porter, for he had a wide circle of friends at Harts.