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“Red Eagle,” a local correspondent at Whirlwind in Upper Hart, Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on Friday, July 14, 1911:

(Last week’s letter.)

Crops looking fine.

Uncle Tom Smith was at this place recently.

Mike Kinser was a business visitor this week.

Dr. Si Tomblin made a brief visit to Holden this week.

C.W. Mullins made a brief visit to this place Tuesday.

White Sansom, of Crawley, was here looking after cattle.

Peter Mullins, of Hoover, was here on business recently.

Sol Adams, Sr. transacted business at Whirlwind Thursday.

Misses Tema and Essie Adams were shopping here this week.

Chas. Spry and Gordon Farley passed here Monday with a fine drove of hogs, en route to Holden.

Mrs. A.F. Gore and Mrs. Wm. Dingess, of Halcyon, were shopping here this week.

The infant of John Carter has been very ill for a few days but is slowly recovering.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jonas died of the whooping cough Tuesday July 4.

L.W. and Steve Mullins are hauling ties from this place to Ferrellsburg for Toney Bros.

Mrs. Bascum Nelson, of Holden visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Workman last week.

Elias Workman and Thos. Carter have completed a fine chicken lot for S. Riddle, who, it is said, will go into the chicken business on a large scale.