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“Two Brothers,” local correspondents from Gill in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, May 3, 1923:

Grant Cremeans, of Hamlin, Sherman Linville, of Alkol, Bruce Walls, of Griffithsville, and Bach Linville, of Bernie, were recent business visitors at this place.

Louis Fry caught a fish one day this week that weighed five pounds.

There is a number of cases of measles in this section.

Philip Spery, Hainen Smith and others loaded thirty-two thousand feet of lumber for Philip Hager one day last week. The lumber was shipped to Jas. A. Hughes, West Moreland, W.Va.

Prof. Lee Adkins’ singing school at this place closed Wednesday night. A large crowd heard the instrumental music rendered by Misses Peacha and Cassie Hager, which was enjoyed by all.

The coal traffic on Guyan is becoming enormous. Everything seems to be on the boom in the Guyan Valley.

Wilburn Scragg, of Allen, was a recent Gill visitor.

Brad Gill is recovering from the mumps and is able to be out again.

Miss Hattie Gill has the mumps.

Emery Fry and Dick Aldridge have been hauling telephone poles the past week.

The mining operations at Lattin have been having trouble securing cars the past few weeks.

Hainen Smith has gone to Omar, where he will cook for a mining crew.

Mrs. Tom Mullins and Mrs. Andrew Adkins were shopping at Gill one day the past week.

Clark Collins was a recent business visitor in Huntington.

You can’t fool all the people all the time. Neither can you please half the people half the time.

Democrats can’t forgive prosperity for coming back when they are out.