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“Butterflie,” a local correspondent from Rector in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Monitor printed on Thursday, March 19, 1914:

Rev. Willie Chapman held services at the Wilson School-house on the Broad Branch of Big Ugly, Saturday and Sunday.

Wirt Toney was at Rector Monday on business.

Tracy Baird just returned from Barboursville.

John B. Toney was a business caller at Leet Monday.

John Bell is very ill with pneumonia. Little hopes are entertained for his recovery.

Miss Rosa Ferrell visited homefolks Saturday and Sunday from Estep.

Miss Allie Gillenwater paid her uncle, Wirt Toney, a visit Saturday night and Sunday.

Miss Junie Fry and Della Ferrell were the guests of their cousin Dollie Toney Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. John Hunter was shopping in Rector Monday.

Miss Myrtle Toney was the guest of her brother John Toney Monday.

Misses Mary, Maude and Kizzie Toney were on Left Hand Branch the past week to see the gas well.

Mrs. Albert Wall is still very ill.

Miss Dixie Toney was calling on her cousin Allie Gillenwater, Saturday evening.

Squire John Fry of Harts Ck District made a business call on Hugh Duty, Monday.

Marshall Adkins has returned home from Huntington.

Misses Mary Miller and Lula Ferrell paid their uncle, John Hager, a visit the latter part of the past week.

Misses Kate Hager of Huntington and Garnet Hager of Big Creek are visiting relatives and friends on Big Ugly.

Curtis Haven of Holden is visiting his uncle Thomas Vannatter.

Miss Maggie Fry was a visitor at her uncle Wirt Toney’s, Sunday.