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An unnamed local correspondent from Spottswood in Logan County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Logan Banner printed on Friday, October 2, 1903:

Some one insulted John Carter last Friday night by stealing his kraut tub.

Rev. I.M. Nelson preached a fine sermon Sunday at the Buck Fork schoolhouse in memory of Weddington Mullins. There was a large congregation.

Mrs. Sol Adams says she wants all the pumpkins there are on Hoover with which to make apple butter for they are fine for that.

Peter Mullins got mashed up by a log truck the other day, but has got so he can walk about the place again.

Peter Mullins is one of the greatest squirrel hunters on Hart’s creek. The crack of his repeating shotgun is often heard.

Miss Bell Dora Adams is struck on a young teacher who stays on the Buck Fork.

Mrs. French Bryant of Nolan, W. Va., is very low with fever at this place.

Moses Butcher of Yantus was a visitor at this place last week.

Prof. L.W. Riddle is a candidate for matrimony subject to the action of the ladies of Spottswood.

Miss Bettie Workman has resumed teaching after an illness of two weeks.

Miss Inez Adams, one of the belles of this place was making “goo goo” eyes at a young teacher while at church last Sunday.

Peter Carter says there is only one girl in the world for him and that is Miss Frances Baisden.