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“Old Hickory,” a local correspondent from Ferrellsburg in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, January 18, 1912:

Winter weather is still here. A fine snow is on the ground and the boys are enjoying fox hunting.

Doc Mullins killed a fine large red Fox which he is very proud of, it being the first he ever killed.

F.B. Adkins and Homer Hager, at the beginning of the freeze up in the Guyan river, attempted to make their way through the ice in a small boat and came near being drowned.

B.B. Lucas and other members of his family, who have been suffering with typhoid fever for some time, are able to be at their usual labors again.

German Vance, who has been teaching school at Sand Creek, is very low with typhoid fever at the home of Greely Isaacs, of Ferrellsburg.

John C. Farley, the oldest man in Harts Creek District and the father of M.C. Farley, member of the County Court, is very sick and is not expected to live but a short time.

W.H. Man, of Harts Creek, went to Hamlin the first of the week.

M.C. Farley made a business trip to Hamlin the first of the week.