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“Old Hickory,” a local correspondent from Ferrellsburg in Lincoln County, West Virginia, offered the following items, which the Lincoln Republican printed on Thursday, December 28, 1911:

Xmas has come and gone and the people of Ferrellsburg enjoyed the occasion nicely.

A.W. Sloan, of Ferrellsburg will soon return to his former location at Sheridan.

B.B. Lucas and other members of his family have been suffering with typhoid fever the past week.

John Lucas, of Big Creek, Logan county, and Frank Davis engaged in a scrap at this place Xmas day. Lucas received a black eye.

Wilburn Adkins, son of Jones Adkins, received painful wounds in his thigh, Christmas day, as the result of an accidental discharge of a pistol which he had in his pocket.

Cleve Fry, of near Toney, has moved his family to Dingess Run, above Logan, and has taken charge of a section on the G.V. Railroad.

Ward Brumfield, John and Hugh Fowler, of near Hart, and Chris Lambert and Herbert Shelton had a knock down at Sand Creek the day before Xmas. Ward Brumfield received a severe blow over the head with a quart bottle, Lambert wielding the bottle.

M.C. Farley will now return to Buffalo, Logan county, where he has a job of work, as Xmas is over.

The Guyandotte river has been “full” during the holidays.

It seems funny that the Sheriff has recently come to the conclusion that the sheriff’s office is not a piddle office and that no one has a right in it but himself and his deputies. The voters will speak at the next election.

Best wishes to The Republican.